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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Dear Visitors,

I am happy about your interest in my homepage.

In the following you can read more about me and learn about the different Physiotherapy treatments I offer.

Hoping to hear from you,
Bettina Wex, physiotherapist in the Hamburg-West suburbs.

Updated information-Actual news

The costs for  10 lessons, will be 70€r. .You can change the course days anytime,it's not necessary  to always  come on a certain day.Send me a mail or use the phone to get more information.  Tel.    040 8004549. You just need to come anytime. All courses are open.

The normal after birth evening course takes place on Monday evenings  at 8.30 pm without babies

After birth courses Monday at 11.00 am and Wednesday at 9.45a.m.! with or without baby-

A course for mothers who have lost their baby takes place on Monday at 7.30 pm also single treatments

All courses are sceduled for  the whole summer holidayswith one exception the week from Aug. 12th-16th as I won`t be in Hamburg then.

Important information.see above